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July 09, 2009


bill quinn

Im one of "Omars" students from 1974-5,His class was always OUR highlight of the "art school"as a whole, due to his total commitment to his craft,living in the moment,his way he'd recall past storys,you'd be right there. Omar quoted "art is not something you stick on your ma's refrigerator,it IS!, your LIFE!."


Bud, too, had an upgrade in lifestyle when he entered the hospice for the last weeks of his life. The only problem was that he couldn't smoke indoors, dying of lung cancer.

Bud and David Omar White knew each other back in the day.

Rob Chalfen

he was as close as Boston & Cambridge had to a hip civic artist, as muralist & logoist, leaving his mark on Casablanca & Stereo Jacks, and his White Rabbit strip which ran longer than you think in the Tab. What a lively spirit!

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