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October 05, 2007



"...I'm not all that Zen yet no matter how much I try... Life (such as it is) has been living me and not the other way around."

I thought the harder you try the less Zen you get and that some might say Zen is life living you. Certainly one kind of meditation is breath breathing you.

I take your point on depression. I'm pretty much that way all the time, except on those off-days when I'm not.

Ivory Tower

Keep writing. I will keep reading.

Cathy Schwartz

You are a busy man. Hope you are watched the Beckett pitch a CG (I didn't - I was conversing in Spanish) And watched the Yankees get their butts kicked (I did get to see that - though I couldn't watch when they were at bat - but I did like the look on Jeter's face when he struck out.
Drawing is good. And I am going to add you to my salsa lesson/dance at Ryle's when I start to go again. Early for us old folks - Sunday at 6 pm. Make sure you write about your next PSA!!!!!!!!
Love, Cathy

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Self Portraits 10/07

  • Img_0093
    Seems easier to maul my own image than other people's somehow.

Obama 10/22/07

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    Barak Obama at the New Hampshire Statehouse Rally, 10/22/07


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