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July 15, 2007



You see the article on the tai chi/chi kung cancer guy at Dana Farber in the Sunday Globe magazine? Might want to check him out.

"But another valid point is that if I do not attend to the cancer then, sooner or later, it kills me."

Sooner or later, something will kill you. Our bodies wear out. It's a material world. We have to deal with it and you have to deal with it a little sooner than most.

Ok, cancer is your uke. What does that mean? Uke/nage/same thing. Not other but shadow?

I did a powerful meditation session with Walter and a group of people. We were working with this woman, Nana, and she was the center of the experience. It was her "soul journey." As we supported her energy, Walter guided her through various states. At one point, she talked about an orange energy of gratitude that she sent out to everybody in the world and then took back into her body to send to every one of her cells. It was very strong.

Since then, in my morning meditation, I try to recreate that energy. Don't know if that helps but I'll try to remember to send you some orange gratitude next time. Unless, that is, you'd prefer some Orange Sunshine.

PS: Know Norman Spinrad's story "Carcinoma Angels"?

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