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July 10, 2007



yes, we read and are with you. i am typing with one hand so won't write much. i, too, have known people who died but in each case their cancer was well advanced, i assume because they had not had regular testing. hope this comment goes through - the last one didn't. i shoulda called you to find out why not!

Michael T.


We read you loud and clear and daily here. And we find more frequent posts now that MLTD has come along, and find solace if not joy in that.

No, MLTD is no Mary Poppins, but lots of men - my grandfather included - lived rather than died with it, and it seems lots of us have it and don't know it (not clinically presenting but can be found after the fact in an autopsy if something else gets us first).

My father-in-law sends his regards and recommends external radiation, which he finished on July 3rd. No, it wasn't a picnic, but he was up to attending a picnic on the 4th, so it wasn't all _that_ bad.

Chinese medicine might help, but it seems that almost any Chinese diet would help, judging from the statistics about clinically presenting prostate cancer in China and the increase found in folks of Chinese heritage who decide to live in the U S of A. Mind you, it's the _real_ Chinese food you need (lots and lots of veggies) not the chicken wings with fried rice and red pork variety.

I know you project a limited readership for this comment, but we have to remember that you're speaking of a topic of interest to about 75% of the male population (and the other 25% just haven't figured it out yet).

In the worst sense but also in the very best sense, you are not alone, my friend.


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