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I hack informational and organizational structures.


The Official Marshall T. Spriggs 479 Word Hypertext Autobiography

Born in Attleboro, Massachusetts 23 weeks past mid-century; grow up in a rural environment at the edge of the Great Swamp ; develop severe asthma and allergies; attend small schools; figure out that the Attleboro Public Library is my best friend; find a bunch a guys that I finally fit in with at Peter Thacher Junior High; Mom dies from complications of breast cancer; sing, act, and play my tuba through High School ; get my first job as a grease monkey in a garage; graduate as Class Marshal showing my fellow students' sense of humor; go to Bates College in Lewiston, Maine; drop out of Bates College in Lewiston, Maine; get a job as the mail clerk of the Providence Journal Bulletin; matericulate at the University of Massachusetts/Amherst; get involved in student politics; go to class sometimes; drop out; drive cab; become a regional organizer for a student-initiated change project; return to UMass; return to politics; go to class even less than I did before; somehow find myself as the main voice for students in matters of academic policy; create the Student Center for Educational Research; burnout; surprise everyone (including myself) by moving from the bucollic Connecticut Valley to New York City to teach school; learn alot more about education than I knew in Amherst; move to Boston; worked in a van conversion company; worked for the Commonwealth as a regional organizer for the Office for Children; almost fired for protesting the conditions of the state's maximum security jail for kids; freelance doing writing, editing, and print production; get hired to set up a publishing company for Massachusetts Legal Services; set all sorts of personal records by producing several large tomes over 5 years while working for lawyers and computerizing the organization; get a book in the Library of Congress; finish my bachelors degree; publishing company dies; go to graduate school in environmental policy; graduate in two years amazing my friends and relatives; Dad dies; find a job starting an international environmental organization; move to Toronto follow the organization; just about develop an information strategy for the organization before getting fired for being too competent and therefore threatening my boss; move to Fredrikstad, Norway to direct a spin-off project that used the yet-to-be-developed Internet; after a year, turn the project over to Norwegians and return to the US; deal with culture shock in western Connecticut; move to Somerville, Mass; run a study for the International Institute for Energy Conservation in Washington; find various jobs doing temporary computer work; form Specwork two years too early; get a job offer from Harvard Business School; accept; do computer support for 3 years; found Common Resources with Bernie McHugh todo communications and training with environmental organizations; move over across the river to work for the Harvard University Art Museums , move back to management with a job at Instructional Media Services at Hahvud; quit the Great Mother; establish Marshall T. Spriggs, Information Mechanic; Work for the Pharmacology Department at Boston University School of Medicine;


informational structures, martial arts energy systems, alternatives to the environment, organizational systems